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  • Name: Glass straight-line beveling machine - X251
  • Number: X251
  • Time: 2015-12-26
  • Views : 83

Product description:
1.Front beam is controlled by manual
2.Input and output conveyors adopt timing belt which can improve the stability of transmission. And the timing belt is easy to replace during maintaining.
3.Water tank is stainless steel.
4.Rear beam is much massy than other suppliers’. And there is column to support it.
5.Front beam and rear beam are processed by CNC processing center.
6.Brand of low-voltage electrical apparatus is Schneider.
7.The grinding wheels are connected to the motors directly, which is convenient to adjust and maintain.
8.Beveling spindles motors are ABB motors and bottom edge spindle motor is famous brand in China.
9.8 spindles in total: 5 for rough and fine grinding on bevel edge, 2 for polishing on bevel edge and one for bottom edge.
Technical parameters:
1.Processing speed: 0.83-4.1m/min
2.Min. glass size (mm): 100*100mm
3.Processing thickness: 3-19mm
4.Max. width of bevel: 40mm
5.Bevel degree: 3°-30°
6.Size: 7800*1250*2550mm
7.Weight: 4000kg
8.Power: 16.83kw