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  • Name: XZM9A Automatic vertical stone profiling machine
  • Number: XZM9A
  • Time: 2015-07-17
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I. Function: 
This automatic vertical stone profile machine can be used to profile marble, granite, artificial stone, glass and ceramics etc, which is for cabinet, window sill, stair, stringcourse, stone table etc.
II. Design concept:
1.Stone may be damaged if it’s lying for processing due to its natural characteristic. Vertical structure of machine just reduces the loss ratio of material. 
2.This machine is designed on the basis of glass processing machine. Combining more than 20 years working experience in glass processing, it becomes the best equipment for stone profiling.
3.There are a lot of problems in traditional stone processing, such as high labor cost, lack of skilled workers, difficult management in producing, different item performance, material damage, dirty and mess working field. This machine is designed to solve all of these problems. It just brings a brand-new way in stone processing.
III. Descriptions:
1.Rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of profile can be done at one time processing. 
2.Processing thickness is controlled by manual. 
3.Input section can be adjusted up or down as a whole synchronously, so can output section. 
4.This high precision and efficient machine, not only brings you better performance on stone, but also helps to save a lot of labor cost. Working efficiency of one machine equals efficiency of 10 people.
IV. Stone sample:
V. Application sample: