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  • Name: NS2436-Glass four sides edging machine
  • Number: NS2436
  • Time: 2015-05-11
  • Views : 69

Glass four sides edging machine is suitable for grinding 45arris on 4 sides of flat glass with different sizes and thickness at one time. It adopts PLC control and human-computer interface operation. Against its automatic recognition of glass size and thickness, glass loading can be continuously and no need to wait or adjust the machine when processing different sizes of glass. It is convenient to operate and high efficiency. It is the best supporting equipment for building glass, hollow glass and low-e glass processing.
Technical parameters:
1.Processing thickness: 4-12mm
2.Min. processing size: 400*700mm
3.Max. processing size: 2440*3660mm
4.Processing speed: 20-30m/min
5.Arris angle:  45
6.Height of working table: 850mm
7.Power: 19kw
8.Machine size: 9000*4700*2000mm
Machine detail: