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  • Name: CNC2512-CNC Glass edging machine
  • Number: CN2512
  • Time: 2015-05-11
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I. General Description:

This machine is suitable for shape glass edging and polishing. Its lathe bed is in welded steel structure. Axis Y moves through excellent double-screw moving beam. Nut rotating in axis X causes very little vibration even moving in high speed. X, Y, Z axial movements are all droved by servo motor and ball screw at high speed and high precision. It gives you a very nice performance after processing. Compatible interface for home and abroad software, it adopts G code instruction with international standard


II. Technical details:

Model CNC2512 CNC1260
Stroke of axis X,Y,Z 2500×1200×200mm 1200×600×150mm
X、Y、Z Moving positioning precision ±0.005/400mm ±0.005/400mm
X、Y、Z Repeatability positioning precision ±0.04 ±0.04
Size of working table 2500×1500mm 1200×600mm
Main spindle power BT40/7.5kw 2.2kw
Max. rotating speed of main spindle 10000rpm 2800rpm
Max. processing speed 12m/min 8m/min
Weight ≈3000kg ≈1500kg
Machine size 4500×2500×2200mm 2000×1500×1500mm


III. Product Video on Youtube: 

IV. Machine detail


V.Glass sample