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  • Name: XPS20-Glass sandblasting machine
  • Number: XPS20
  • Time: 2015-05-08
  • Views : 55

The machine is suitable for processing 5-50mm thickness of flat glass which is conveyed by belts.

Product description:

1. It is equipped with three automatic sandblasting guns, controlled by programs. And it is capable of continuously automatic sand blasting on glass.

2. The machine is also equipped with one manual sandblasting gun, which can be used for sand blasting of single piece by manual.

Technical parameters:

1. Size (length×width×height):

(1) 1500mm: 7400×1500×2300mm

(2) 2000mm: 7400×1500×2780mm

2. Height of conveyor: 550mm

3. Min.processing size: 300*300mm

4. Max processing size:

(1) 1500*3000mm    (2)2000*3000mm    

5. Height of processing glass:

(1)1500mm   (2)2000mm  

6. Speed for sandblasting: 12-15 m2/h

7. Air source of exterior:

Air pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa

Air output: 5m3/min

1m3 gas storage and purifying equipment for compressed air are needed.

8. Total power: 3.5kw

Product detail:


Glass sample: