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XYM7 is suitable for processing the straight-line edge of glass into pencil edge or OG edge with different grinding wheels. Rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing on glass edge can be finished at one time. The brightness of pencil/ OG edge after polishing closes to the original glass.

Product description:
1.Front beam is controlled by manual
2.Input and output conveyors adopt timing belt which can improve the stability of transmission. And the timing belt is easy to replace during maintaining.
3.Water tank is stainless steel.
4.A special design of the in-feed section for controlling the grinding amount of glass without adjusting each spindle individually.
5.Processing speed is adjusted by stepless speed variator which offers a wide range of speed selection.
6.Brand of low-voltage electrical apparatus is Schneider.
7.7 spindles totally: 1 for front arris and 1 for back arris, 5 for the pencil/OG edge.

Technical parameters:
1.Glass processing thickness: 3-19mm
2.Min. processing sizes: 80mm×80mm
3.Processing speed: 1.2-6.0m/min
4.Installed power: 15.93KW
5.Occupation of land: 6.6m×1.4m×2.5m

Product detail:


Glass sample: