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  • Name: Glass horizontal drilling machine - XZJ125
  • Number: XZJ125
  • Time: 2015-03-06
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XZJ125 is suitable for drilling flat glass piece.
Product description: 
1. Different sizes of holes can be drilled with different diameters of bits. 
2. It is high working efficiency and easy operation. 
3. Two options:
Semi-automatic: Lower drilling bit is controlled by a cylinder while the upper bit is operated by manual
Automatic: Both of the lower and upper drilling bits are fed by cylinder.
Technical parameters:
1.Hole Diameter: φ5~φ130 (φ220) mm
2.Glass thickness: 4 ~19 mm
3.Max. Processing width: 2400mm
4.Distance between drilling center and back column: 1250 mm
6.Size: 2200×2500×1700mm 
7.Weight: 1200KG
8.Power: 4.95Kw
Machine detail:
Glass sample:
Machine in customer's factory: