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  • Name: Glass shape edging machine - XYM1
  • Number: XYM1
  • Time: 2015-03-06
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XYM1 is suitable for grinding and polishing external edge of shaped glass. Different edge profiles (pencil edge, bevel edge and OG edge) can be processed with different grinding wheels. A cylinder makes it possible to process round glass semi-automatically.
Product description:
1.All of the base, column and swing arm are cast iron, which is stable for processing.
2.Copper sucker base is colorfast and durable.
3.Twin-worm speed reducer, working table is processed by CNC processing center and it is rotary with zero clearance.
Technical parameters:
1.Processing glass thickness: 3 mm~40 mm
2.Size of processing glass: Φ100mm~Φ2100mm
3.Bevel angle:  0°~45°
4.Max. width of bevel: 35mm
5.Min. incurvature radius: R30mm
6.Min. excurvature radius: R100mm
7.Power of installation 2.85kw
8.Weight: 850KG
9.Size: 1100*1100*1800mm
Product details:
Glass sample:
Machine in client's factory: