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  • Name: Glass washing & drying machine - QX25
  • Number: QX25
  • Time: 2015-03-05
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This glass washing and drying machine adopts horizontal structure and is used for cleaning and drying flat glass through input section, washing section, drying section and output section.
Product description:
1.There is prewashing device in the input section for flush the dust. Water is circulation or you can input water to the water tank.
2.There are two water tanks in washing section with heater and float switch inside. Heater can be used according to the temperature and water is added automatically when it is not enough.
3.All the parts contact with water is made of stainless steel.
4.There are compression rollers in washing and drying section. Even thin and small glass can be conveyed smoothly.
5.It is made up of 3 pairs of brush and 2 pairs of air knife. Both of the above of washing section and drying section can be elevated or lowered as a whole, of which max. hoist height is 400mm. This structure is convenient for maintaining.
6.It can wash low-e glass as requirement.
7.Two controlling option: digital display or PLC. It is suitable for connecting with double edging machine or using alone.
Technical parameters:
1. Glass processing thickness: 3-25mm
2. Min. processing sizes: 360mm×360mm
3. Max. processing width: 2500mm
4. Processing speed: 1.5-9.0m/min (frequency inverter)
5. Brush quantity: 3 pairs
6. Air knives quantity: 2 pairs
7. Installed power: 38.5KW
8. Occupation of land: 6525mm×4200mm×3500mm