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Where the use of tempered glass is recommended

Date:2015-4-22 13:52
The tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass and glass if broken, broken into relatively small pieces.
To be considered safety glass, this glass must meet the requirements stated in EN 12150, which provides a number of parameters as the number of fragments in which you have to break the glass or the maximum size that must have larger fragment.
The range of utilities that has the tempered glass is very broad and is especially recommended for applications with anchors, as in the case of doors and most shower enclosures.
The Building Code also allows use in other applications such as railings or partitions interior, although in these cases Guardian recommends using laminated glass which minimizes the risk of falling user if broken.
We also recommend the use of tempered glass in applications where glass can be subjected to sudden temperature changes ( stress or heat shock ). For example if you have a window or window shade as a result of projections or extensions of the building, the shaded area will be cooler, so you can generate tensions arising thermal break (by different coefficients of expansion). In these cases the performance of a thermal stress analysis is recommended to determine the need to temper the glass.

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