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The 16th China (Nanan) International Stone Fair

Date:2015-11-7 16:53
In 2015, the 16th session of the China (Nanan) Shuitou International Stone Fair will be bigger, stronger and more professional. 
Larger. The area will reach 100000 square meters, expected to more than 1000 exhibitors and the audience will be more than 150000.
Distributiion of pavilions will be become more clearer. The 16th stone fair will be divided into 4 exhibition halls: the international hall, domestic hall, machinery hall and comprehensive hall.
More professional. The fair organizer will hold 1 stone forum, 2 promotions, 2 matching activites.
Rich in contents. during the exhibition, the national association of the country and all levels of stone industry will hold 11 supporting activities for the stone fair, supporting activities will be fully intergrated into the industry standard, industry culture, stone index and financial services and other new elements.
More investments. The 16th stone fair is expected to invest 5 million yuan on advisement  such as the print AD, outdoor, network, wechat, information, activities etc.

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