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Please feel free to let us know if you have any question about our service...


1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or just a trader?

   A: Please note that we are a manufacturer and professional at producing glass processing machines. We locate in Guangdong province of China. It takes around one and a half hour from Guangzhou airport to our factory. Welcome to visit us at any of your spare time. Thank you for your attention.


2. Q: What about the guarantee period of your products?

   A: It's 14 monthes since delivery. But the consumable machine parts is exclusive.


3. Q: Do you have any instruction manual for each machine?

   A: Yes, we have both of Chinese version and English version.


4. Q: Is the water tank on your machine stainless steel?

   A: Yes, of course.


5. Q: What is the H.S. CODE of your products?

   A: Glass edger, CNC edger, four sides edger, double edger, shape edger are 84642010. Glass beveller, glass driller, glass miter are 84649019. Glass washer is 84248999. Glass sandblaster is 84243000.


6. Q: What is the function of your stone profiling machine?

   A: Our automatic vertical stone profile machine can be used to profile marble, granite, artificial stone, glass and ceramics etc, which is for cabinet, window sill, stair, skirting line, stone table etc.


7. Q: Why vertical processing mode is better than horizontal mode for stone profiling machine?

   A: Stone is damaged easily if it's lying for processing due to its naturalcharacteristic. Vertical structure of machine just reduces the loss ratio of material.